At, the goal of my website is to assist you in being a better and more efficient Realtor(R) or lender. As your Marketing Manager, I have provided you with links and documents that are most used and requested by my clients.   Title Marketing

(STA - Arrowhead)
Manager: Sheryl Medlock
Phone: 623-561-6180
Fax: 623-561-6186
(STA - Bell Center)
Manager: Irene Hand
Phone: 623-773-2992
Fax: 623-561-6186
Contact Info:
Tony Scardina


  • Direcotr for 2011 WeMAR  Sparkling Nights.
  • WeMAR Affiliate CO Chair for 2011.
  • I have won the star award two times in 2009. given out by the Women's Council of Realtors. (R)
  • Affiliate of the year 2009 for WCR.
  • I'm a FLEX MLS trained provider. 
Marketing services that I provide:
  • Custom property profiles
  • Customized Listing kits - Buyers and Sellers Guides
  • FSBO and Pre-Foreclosure list available for you to download
  • Walking Farms
  • For Sale By Owner Handbooks
  • Off Site or after hours signing/closing available upon request
  • Customized lead searches for agents as well as lenders.